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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

JNCIA-JUNOS Pre-assessment Exam

Here are the New Juniper Exam JNCIA-JUNOS(JN0-100) Pre-assessment Test I am sure you can get 72% marks 100% tested ............
or You can download in one file HERE

Q1: What are two functions of the routing-engine? (choose two)

1 * to build ospf and isis adjacencies
2 *to build the layer 2 and layer 3 forwarding tables.
3 to receive and process packets that could not be forwarded by the pfe
4 to verify that packets arriving at the router are allowed by any configured firewall filters.

Q2: In which mode are users allowed to monitor and troubleshoot the software, network connectivity, and hardware

priviledge mode
operational mode
configuration mode
monitoring mode

Q3: in configuration mode you see the following prompt
[edit interfaces fe-1/1/1]
which command will take you to operational mode

exit configuration-mode

Q4:what are two functions of the packet forwarding engine? (choose two)

*to build the layer 2 forwarding table
*To forward packets based on the forwarding table
To send icmp time exceeded messages when the ttl reaches 0
To implement policing, firewall filtering, and QoS

Q5: Which character in the JUNOS software CLI allows you to filter and manipulate command output?

< >
Q6: When you first login into a router, how does the router indicate that factory defaults are being used?

1 * The router host-name is Anmesiac
2 The password you used to login is JUNOS
3 The router goes immediately into configuration mode after you login.
4 The router allows you to get into configuration mode without you having to login.

Q7: Which statement is correct about protocol families on an interface

only one family is allowed on an interface
only one address per family is allowed on an interface
only one address per family is allowed on a given unit
*multiple address families and addressed can be configured under the same unit.

Q8: What is the third SONET interface on a PIC installed in PIC slot 1 , FPC slot 1?

interface sonnet-1/3/1
interface so-1/1/2
interface so-3/1/1
Interface so-0/1/1.2

Q9: Which three user authentication methods are supported by the JUNOS software ? (choose three)

Web authentication

Q10: Which two JUNOS software authentication methods require the use of a server for authentication?(choose two)


Q11: Which three configuration components are required to create a user account using locat authentication? (choose three)

User name
User ID
*user authentication (password)

Q12: Which command allows you to quickly verify the state of all physical and logical interfaces?

user@host> show interface summary
*user@host> show interfaces terse
user@host> show interfaces brief
user@host> show interfaces routing

Q13: A network administrator would like to verify the active alarms on interface so-0/0/0.0.
Which command displays this information?

show alarms
show interfaces terse
show alarms extensive
*show interfaces extensive

Q14: what could you type to view all of the PICs within a router as well as their serial numbers?

show chassis interfaces
show chassis pics
show chassis inventory
*show chassis hardware

Q15: Which routing table is used for all IPv4 unicast forwarding?


Q16: What is a characterstic of route preference ?

it is the same as a route metric
it must be assigned manually for each protocol
a higher preference is better than a lower preference
*A lower preference is better than a higher preference.

Q17: What is the correct CLI command to display the routing table?

show routing-table
show routes
display routes
*show route

Q18: which two are considered match criteria in a policy? (choose two)

*As path

Q19: Which policy action is considered a flow control action?

*next term

Q20: What is the proper order for CoS processing for egress packets on a juniper router?

1 Multifield Classifier > scheduler/sharper/RED>Rewrite marker
2 *Policer > Multifield Classifier > Scheduler/shaper/RED > Rewrite Marker
3 Scheduler/shaper/RED > Multifield Classifier > Policing > Rewrite Marker
4 Rewrite marker > Policer > Multifield Classifier > Scheduler/shaper/RED

Q21: What is the purpose of queuing traffic in a CoS scenario ?

it allows routed traffic to be handled before switched traffic.
*It allows the handling of traffic based on its TOS code
It allows traffic to be classified into forwarding classes.
It allows traffic to be forwarded based on its forwarding class.

Q22: Which command swquence shows most of the CoS configuration for an interface?

*show interface queue ge-0/0/0
show queues interfaces ge-0/0/0
show class-of-serviice interface ge-0/0/0
show interface queue detail

Q23: what is the binary equivalent of

*01100100 00011001 01100010 11001111
01110100 00011001 01101010 11001111
01100100 00011001 01101010 11001111
11100100 00001001 01100010 11001110

Q24: What is typically used to break up individual broadcast domains?


Q25: Which two statements are true regarding collisions on an Ethernet segment? (choose two)

1 when a collision occurs, the device with the lowest MAC address sends a jam signal to notify all other devices of the collision
2 *when a collision occurs, both devices stop transmitting, wait a random period of time, verify the wire is idle and retransmit.
3 when a cjollision occurs, the device with the lowest MAC address is permitted to retransmit first.
4 *when a collision occurs, both transmitting devices send a jam signal jto notify all other devices of the collision.


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  5. There are a couple of answers wrong here , like

    Q17: What is the correct CLI command to display the routing table?

    *show routing-table
    show routes
    display routes
    show route

    the correct ans is "show route"

  6. Its really help me out of this paper i thanks a lot to the person who post this here ..........


  7. On Q2 the correct answer is exit configuration-mode
    On Q8 the correct answer is interface so-1/1/2

  8. Q19 should have read "Which policy is action is NOT considered a flow control action as 3 of them are - next term, accept and reject


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