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Friday, October 30, 2009


The new question, out of P4S 3.10:

New question 1: BGP

Router B and C have establisted LDP nei session. During troubleshoot, the labels are being distributed in between 2 router B & C. But no label swapping information in LFIP table. What is most likely cause ?

A. Not yet enable CEF on all router.
B. Not yet run IGP between core-routers
C. Create wrong vrf for every customer.
D. LDP Router-id of this router but point LDP router-id of another router.

New question 2: GRE Tunnel

Why the HostA can NOT ping Server1 ???

A. The tunnel number is diffirent on two router
B. Router 1 have configured wrong tunnel source
C. Router 1 have configured wrong tunnel destination
D. Router 2 have configured wrong tunnel source

Corrected Question from P4S

Question 176 ( p4s 3.10)

A is correct. The question 11 is the same, but answer wrong. ACL 100 ( trusted int ), ACL 101 (untrusted int).

Question 270 ( p4s 3.10)

C, E is correct. The same question, but in p4s answer : The IPS enables a dysnamic acccess list is wrong.

Question 287 ( p4s 3.10)

The answer in p4s is wrong. Config GRE tunnel, you should have "tunnel source" command.

Question 261 ( p4s 3.10)

Drag and drop the steps in the process for provisioning a cable modem to connect to a headend on the above to the below in the order defined by the DOCSIS standard.

The answer in P4S is wrong. The item "IP network initialization" should put at the end.

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