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Friday, October 30, 2009



Config :

P4S-R(config)#int e0/0
P4S-R(config-if)#pppoe enable
P4S-R(config-if)#pppoe-client dial-pool-number 1
P4S-R(config-if)#no sh
P4S-R(config)#int dialer1
P4S-R(config-if)#encapsulation ppp
P4S-R(config-if)#ip address negotiated
P4S-R(config-if)#dialer pool 1
P4S-R(config-if)#ip mtu 1492
P4S-R(config-if)#no shut
P4S-R(config)#ip route dialer1 <---- ip routing is default static to internet provider
P4S-R#copy run start

The test ip address given in the scenario:

P4S-R# ping
!!!!! <----- if ping successful, you have completed this lab!


A company in installed new router R1 in their network. As a administrator you need to configure TACACS for the router with following configuration given below.
1. Enable the TACACS server in R1
2. Configure console and Aux for default authentication
3. Cinfigure VTY for TACACS server authentication
4. Configure the Tacacs server ip and share key 123
5. Login to R2 using provided username and password ( username R2, password COL )
6. From R2 login to R1 using SSH and check the R1 TACACS ( username R1, Passwork TAC )

Config :

R1(Config)# aaa new-model
R1(Config)# tacacs-server host key 123 ( IP and Key may change)
R1(Config)# aaa authentication login default local
R1(Config)# aaa authentication login CUSTOM_LIST group tacacs+ ( Only required to allow TACACS )
R1(Config)# line console 0
R1(Config)# login authentication default
R1(Config)# line aux 0
R1(Config)# login authentication default
R1(Config)# line vty 0 4
R1(Config)# login authentication CUSTOM_LIST
R1(Config)# line vty 5 15
R1(Config)# login authentication CUSTOM_LIST
R1(Config)# exit
R1# copy run start

Login to R2 with provided credentials.

R2>username R2
R2>pass : COL
R2# ssh -l ( It should be successful !!!)

LAP 3: VNP site to site GRE with EIGRP

This is question that request you must click into console to check configure and then answer . Cisco has changed a lot questions in this lap. A Lot of people take the exam and anybody like own. So, I cant post answers in here. You should understand well about VPN GRE tunnel, GRE with EIGRP ... Good luck for the exam !!!


  1. Thanks Mr. Muzaffar for such a nice post.......it helped me a lot in my ISCW exam. thanks