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Friday, October 30, 2009


This information get from some forums (sadikhov..) , I dont know it correct or not correct, you should thinks by yourseft.

Hi all
I have ONT with 1000/1000. So Glad and now CCNP Certified.
P4S 2.95 still valid, All simlets is been discussed.
Didnt have to go through the new security measures. I did my exam in Syd, Aus.
Good luck all, and big thanks to Sadikhov and all members for great shares.

hi guys, i passed ont today
about 7-8 new questions but they were pretty easy.. nothing to worry about
and most of the questions came from this topic not from p4s .95 :-)
so dont forget to take a look at discussed questions in this topic

Guys I passed with 1000/1000 Yesterday
I apprichiate the effort of all who sharing there experience
all from pass4sure 2.95 except one sim Citrix , SQL Net simlet mentioned before

I pass ONT today with 955 score.4-5 were out of p4s 2.95.
thx to all sakikhov member and sadikhov forever!I like you guy!

New quetions encountered:
An exhibit showing 3 Remote sites B, C, and D connected to a Central Site A via a Frame Relay connection. Links A, B,C and D are T1, 128k, 512k and 768k respectively.

Q1: Refer to the exhibit. Which two points would traffic shaping and traffic policing best be applied?(Choose 2)
A.Central Site – apply traffic shaping inbound so that the central router and servers will not experience congetion.
B.Central Site – apply traffic policing outbound so that the link speed will match the link speed of the remote sites.
C.Remote Site – apply traficc shaping inbound so that the traffic coming from the central site does not cause congestion in the remote network.
D.Remote Site – apply traficc shaping outbound so that the remote links are not oversubscribed.
E.Remote Site – apply traficc shaping outbound so that packets are prioritid and packets that are received in excess are dropped.
Answers: A,D

Q2: Drag the steps required to convert analog to digital signaling on the left to the correct order on the right.
Answers: Step1=D, Step 2=C, Step 3=B (i.e Sampling, Quantization, and Ecoding)

Q3: Which two characteristics are common between traffic policing and traffic shaping (choose 2).
A.The rate of traffic is measured and compared to a configured policy.
B.Classification is used to differentiate traffic.
C.Traffic is marked and sent out according to priority.
D.Both can be applied to inbound and outbound traffic.
Answers: A, B

Only 3 questions came out from p4s.

Q1 the simlet..... as it mentioned by many of our friends
1.the mission critical trafic in wlan => SQLNET
2.issue on wan2 => wrong polict the correct should be policy 1
3.is ftp being marked correctly => yes ftp is marked correctly based on NBAR
4.the af21 => CITRIX
Q2.there were 4 routers A,B,C,andD connected with frame relay cloud.the question was where to apply inbound and out bound policy(choose two)
*inbound at remote site
*outboundat central site
Q3.showed a wlc exhibit?(choose three)
* add new lightweight access point
* locate rouge access point
* show mac address from rouge access point

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